CQ Go™: Preparing for your Overseas Study

CQ Go™: Preparing for your Overseas Study


One-hour Course | Life-long Benefits

Based on the world-renowned research on cultural intelligence, CQ Go gives international students a highly interactive and engaging e-learning course that will set them up to succeed overseas.

The one-hour course will help students:

  • Learn the importance of cultural intelligence for their overseas study
  • Practice solving three real-life dilemmas faced by other international students
  • Create an action plan to ensure success during the overseas studies.
  • Receive downloadable resources for easy reference during and after the course

Upon completion of the course, students will:

  • Know what to expect in a Western classroom
  • Be better equipped to socialize with peers from Western cultures
  • Develop problem-solving skills for multicultural conflicts
  • Prepare to interview for jobs and internships in Western cultures

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