Template – The Cultural Intelligence Credential: An Equity & Inclusion Masterclass


Template – The Cultural Intelligence Credential: An Equity & Inclusion Masterclass


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Now more than ever, employers are looking for ways to address issues of company culture and how it affects equity and inclusion in the workplace. Employers may even be looking to the next generation to educate them on ways to ensure workplace culture is equitable and inclusive. In the CQ Credential: An Equity and Inclusion Masterclass, learners will dive deeply into their CQ, note how their strengths and areas for growth relate to Culture, Equity, and Inclusion, and see from the interactive reflection journal how to identify skills and behaviors that prepare them for success in the workplace. Participants who complete these steps are then awarded a digital credential they can link to their social networks and resumes to market their career-readiness.  

Learning Objectives

The credential helps professionals who may be entering the workface, making new strides in their career journey, or even networking outside of career comfort zones to overcome common barriers of:

  • Professional adaptability
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Lack of experience
  • Navigating new career environments

You Will Receive:

The reflection journal that accompanies the credential will guide the learner on how to use cultural intelligence (CQ) to: 

  • Prioritize open-mindedness and seek diverse ideas (drive)
  • Expand cultural perspectives to inform their decisions (knowledge)
  • Plan for diverse engagements and prepare inclusive environments to support their teams and colleagues (strategy)
  • Adapt to intercultural interactions and environments in their spheres of influence (action)

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