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Developing CQ and Unconscious Bias Workshops

Developing CQ Workshop

$395.00 USD

Engaging and practical 4-hour virtual workshop that will teach you how to use Cultural Intelligence to understand and respond to complex, multicultural situations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Self-awareness of how culture influences your interactions with others
  • Understanding how to develop and apply CQ in yourself and others
  • Effectiveness working with multicultural colleagues and customers

Unconscious Bias Workshop

$395.00 USD

Interactive 4-hour virtual workshop where you will explore personal and systemic biases, and learn practical strategies for mitigating bias in the workplace and beyond.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand why bias matters
  • Recognize sources of explicit and implicit bias
  • Identify systemic bias in our organizations/institutions
  • Practice culturally intelligent strategies to disrupt bias

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