MyCQ™: Understanding My Cultural Intelligence

MyCQ™: Understanding My Cultural Intelligence


This engaging and practical on-demand digital course draws on the results of the CQ Pro Assessment to provide you with personalized strategies for improvement. The course uses real-world examples of culturally diverse situations to help you develop winning strategies for strengthening your cultural intelligence.

Prerequisite: CQ Pro Assessment

Engaging and practical one-hour course that dives deeper into your Cultural Intelligence (CQ) scores and provides you with personalized strategies for improvement. Designed to teach you how to leverage CQ in the real-world.

You’ll get answers to questions like:

  • What do my scores mean? How can I improve?
  • How do I compare with individuals worldwide?
  • How do I leverage my cultural intelligence in the real-world?


Learning Objectives:

  • Learn what Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is and why it matters
  • Learn how to interpret, improve, and leverage your CQ
  • Understand the critical components of cultural intelligence and develop a personalized CQ action plan to improve your CQ
  • Gain the skills and knowledge to improve their capability to work more effectively in culturally diverse situations
  • Understand how your scores compare to worldwide norms


You Will Receive

  • MyCQ: Understanding My Cultural Intelligence Digital Course

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