MyCV™: Understanding My Cultural Values

MyCV™: Understanding My Cultural Values


MyCV is an interactive 1-hour course that integrates your CQ Pro Assessment results to give you a deep understanding of your cultural value preferences and how they influence your approach to life and work. It includes engaging exercises, quizzes, and examples to promote awareness and agility around cultural values.

All humans have Cultural Values that they learn starting in childhood. Understanding your cultural values and learning about other cultural values is essential to improving your cultural intelligence. Your cultural values influence how you interact, communicate, plan, and execute tasks.

Learning Objectives:

    • Learn about culture, ten cultural value preferences, and the ten largest cultural clusters around the world 
    • Learn tips for working with individuals who have different preferences
    • Discover your orientation on ten cultural values and their impact on how you live and work
    • Deep understanding of ten cultural values that differ significantly between nationalities, ethnicities, religions, age groups, and other demographic classes.
    • Self-awareness to form better connections, communication skills, and confidence around individuals with different cultural values.


For individuals who have already taken the CQ Pro Assessment and would like to learn more about their results and how to develop their CQ skillset.

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