MyCV™: Understanding My Cultural Values

MyCV™: Understanding My Cultural Values


Engaging and convenient one-hour course that dives deeper into your team CQ scores and provides personalized advancement strategies. Designed to teach you how to leverage your CQ in the real world.​

Prerequisite: Cultural Values Profile or CQ Pro Assessment

The MyCV online learning course is perfect for learners who have already completed the Cultural Values Profile. The course helps individuals understand why their perspectives may differ from others and how to navigate those differences using flexibility and understanding. This course describes and defines culture, ten cultural values, and the ten largest cultural clusters in the world. It helps you interpret your own preferences and the preferences of others.

*Online course to be used following completion of the Cultural Values Profile (CVP). To purchase both together, review the program bundles section of your CQ Store*


You will receive:

An invitation to complete the online learning course.


What are Cultural Value Preferences?

Cultural values are personal preferences. These values have no intrinsic meaning. In other words, it is not “better” to have one preference or another. Instead, the cultural value dimensions are simply descriptive ways to help individuals think about their own preferences and how they may differ from others.

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