Cultural Competence and CQ

Welcome to, brought to you by The Cultural Intelligence Center.  Organizations all over the world understand the critical importance of cultural competence or multicultural competence. But what exactly do they mean by cultural competence? With over 300 cultural competency models and assessments, how do you find the one that will best support your needs?  We would like to introduce you to Cultural Intelligence or CQ.  Learn more below, start your path toward Cultural Intelligence.

What is Cultural Intelligence and how does it relate to
Cultural Competency / Multicultural Competence?

Definition of Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

CULTURAL INTELLIGENCE, or CQ, is a globally recognized way of assessing and improving effectiveness in culturally diverse situations. It’s rooted in rigorous, academic research conducted across more than 100 countries. Research demonstrates that people with high CQ make high quality decisions. They are also effective leaders, high performers, creative, skilled negotiators, trusted, and resistant to burnout – all in culturally diverse situations.

Cultural Competency Models

Cultural intelligence, like most cultural competency models, highlights the importance of self-awareness and cultural sensitivity for working and relating effectively with people from a diversity of backgrounds. 

The CQ Difference

Cultural intelligence has a few key differences from many of the other cultural competency models:

  • CQ goes beyond cultural awareness to an emphasis on the skills needed for working effectively with people from different backgrounds. You can be very culturally sensitive and have zero ability to effectively collaborate on a multicultural team. CQ ensures you have both.
  • CQ is a research-based approach for measuring and developing cultural competence. A review of the ten leading cultural competence assessments found CQ to be more the most valid predictor of performance in culturally diverse contexts.
  • CQ goes beyond cultural stereotypes about Germans, African Americans, or Millennials and provides a dynamic model that can be applied to any cultural situation. CQ is something you can use to work with anyone, anywhere rather than assuming everyone from one place is the same.
  • CQ is personalized to each individual and organization. Rather than using a one-size fits all approach to cultural competence, individuals can focus on the CQ capabilities where they need the most development.
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The Pathway to Cultural Intelligence Begins With:


Online Learning

Professional Credential

Measuring Your CQ

Our world is more complex, dynamic, and competitive than ever. You may find yourself asking:

How do I communicate or work effectively with diverse colleagues, friends, family, neighbors, and others?

How do I establish authentic and gratifying business and personal relationships without compromising my own values? 

How do I advance my career and succeed in diverse settings? 

The answer is Cultural Intelligence. 

Beginning your CQ journey starts with measuring your Cultural Intelligence with the CQ Pro Assessment. This assessment measures your ability to work and relate across global cultures by measuring skills in four distinct areas: CQ Drive, CQ Knowledge, CQ Action, and CQ Strategy.

Hundreds of thousands of individuals from over 168 countries have taken the CQ Assessment to measure their intercultural effectiveness and to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and those they interact with daily.

“We need leaders with CQ who can make connections with people who are not like them."
Shuvo Saha
Director of Google's Digital Academy

Developing Your CQ

 With all of the valuable insights gained in your assessment’s feedback report, the next step is to learn how to interpret, improve, and leverage your cultural intelligence.  The MyCQ™ is an engaging and practical one-hour course that dives deeper into your Cultural Intelligence (CQ) scores. It provides you with personalized strategies for improvement and is designed to walk you through the process of applying your CQ in the real-world. You’ll get answers to questions like: 
  • What do my scores mean? 
  • How can I improve?
  • How do I compare with individuals worldwide? 
  • How do I leverage my cultural intelligence in the real-world? 

"In a world where crossing boundaries is routine, CQ becomes a vitally important aptitude and skill."
Harvard Business Review

Succeeding With CQ

The final step is to use what you’ve learned to get a global advantage. Top employers from around the globe are eager to hire individuals with high CQ. The CQ Credential: A Masterclass in Cultural Intelligence is the final step in honing in and refining your CQ skills while also getting the credentials you need to set yourself apart globally.

Upon completion of the full CQ Masterclass, you’ll receive digital credentials to showcase your CQ advantage to the world.  

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"Cultural intelligence has resulted in one of our most profitable leadership development initiatives. The program has helped IATA build bridges across different cultures and has played a direct role in the growth of our business in emerging markets."
Guido Gianasso
Vice President of Human Capital, IATA

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The Cultural Intelligence Advantage

“CQ is a critical capability for navigating today’s increasingly global and diverse business environment…the good news is it’s entirely learned. It’s so important that we made it one of our core behaviors at Pwc”
—  Robert Moritz, 
Chairman PwC
“David Livermore’s work on cultural intelligence is an essential tool for working, living and leading in a world without borders.”
— Dick DeVos, 
Former Chairman and CEO of Amway
“Based on solid academic research and years of personal experience, this is a whole new way of thinking holistically about the challenges and presents a repertoire of skills and behaviors that we can put to use in cross-cultural interactions.”
— Jim Kouzes, 
The Leadership Challenge

Our Body of CQ Research

The Cultural Intelligence Center utilizes a rigorous research process consisting of:


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Peer-reviewed Articles

Getting Started with Cultural Intelligence

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