Applying CQ: Using CQ in Everyday Life

Applying CQ: Using CQ in Everyday Life


  • Interactive and engaging 1-hour online course
  • Practical applications of CQ and cultural values, with scenarios and exercises
  • Learn why culture matters
  • Learn to apply CQ model in everyday life

This course provides compelling reasons and benefits why we need Cultural Intelligence in our everyday life, knowledge on the four common cultural values with rich examples, and the CQ model to be applied at work or in life. It also allows learners to practice applying CQ in real world scenarios and create their own action plans that will work. 

No assessment is required to complete this course.


Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this e-learning, the participants will be able to: 

  • Describe why culture matters 
  • Recognize key concepts of what’s going on in multicultural situations 
  • Apply CQ model in everyday life to build trust, make fair decisions, and communicate effectively 
  • Create a high-quality action plan to bring your CQ to the next level 


Module Description:

  • Module 1: (10 minutes) Culture Matters. Why we need CQ. Myths about culture. What is culture. Challenges from cultural diversity. The golden rule and the platinum rule.  
  • Module 2: (15 minutes) Four Cultural Values. Each comes with definition, practice exercise and tips for working with those different from you. The four cultural values are individualism vs collectivism, Low Power Distance vs High Power Distance, Low Uncertainty Avoidance vs High Uncertainty Avoidance, and Direct vs Indirect. Each has a definition, an example w/ exercise, and tips.  
  • Module 3: (15 minutes) CQ Model. Each CQ capability is provided with definition, a testimonial of why we need CQ Drive, CQ Knowledge, CQ Strategy and CQ action respectively, followed by an example and exercise, and suggested strategies to apply the capability in everyday life. 
  • Module 4: (10 minutes) Practice and Application. Three cultural challenges learners can practice. One is about building trust across different functions, another is about effective communication cross cultures, the third is about making decisions in a multicultural team. 
  • Module 5: (10 minutes) Action Plan. Teaches how to create high-quality goal, accountability partner, 4 examples of good actional plans, ranging from teacher to family to other business related situations.


You Will Receive:

An invitation to complete the online course and lifetime access.

  • Applying CQ: Using CQ in Everyday Life Online Course


Language Availability:

  • The Applying CQ: Using CQ in Everyday Life Online Course is only available in English.

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